52592516_10155845309072676_6878891334342541312_oWe walk right by it everyday. Extraordinary beauty in ordinary things. I hung out this weekend with my BFF. Sometimes I forget about the beauty, in the kind of person she is. The little thoughtful things she does for people because she cares. I would be lost without her. She takes NONE of my bullshit. She lets me be silly. She lets me sing no matter where we are. She listens to me when I feel like no one hears me.  Do you have anyone in your life who take you for all that you are? No? I feel sad for you. She is a perfect bloom. A rose in a bunch of flowers that catches your eye. Sunshine when there is only rain. She gives so much of herself to others. I am truly blessed to be able to call her my friend.

I am not sure she knows how much of an impact she makes on the people in her life. She is an amazing friend. I don’t tell her enough just how much she has added to my life. Our friendship flows as easily as if we have known each other a lifetime. We started out as strangers, who became friends, who became family. Friends are the family we get to choose. Choose wisely it will enrich your lives in ways you never expected.

You just call out my name and I will be at your side, I promise.


Anchors Aweigh

little things to keep my ship sailing in the right direction
little things

Today I listened and heard and took grasp of the belief I had lost in myself. It started with a simple question. What ANCHORS help you stay on the path? What keeps you grounded? on course? It can be a person, an idea, a belief. I suppose in the right mind set it could be anything.
I have been traveling along, my path obscured by fog of my own doing. I got lost in the noise of my life. I put away the little things that had been helping me to steer my ship in the right direction.

I switched up my WWs meeting. I felt I needed a change; in me, my surroundings, my comfort zone. I am getting back into the feel of being a successful WW. The last time I joined (2007) I had a great stretch. I had a wonderful, zany leader that I learned to be inspired by. I lost 145.6 lbs in 14 months. I was on top of the world. One day our meeting leader said goodbye. Her husband serves in the military and when it is time to move, it is time to move. It felt like the ledge let go under my feet. I knew there would be others to lead but not like Janie. Still I believed I could maybe hold on. Slowly I lost my way. Life has a way of changing even if you are not ready or ill-prepared or ill-tempered. Life is a bitch and when Lola wants change she gets it. I call the grander things involving life, Lola, my way of making peace with the universe = )

I know that I am not alone on this path. I am blessed to have people, things, beliefs and ideas to keep me grounded. I have Janie to thank for setting me on my course but it is up to me to finish the ride. I have a keepsake tin where I keep my anchors. Some I found, some were given, some were made by Janie. Never underestimate who you are to someone else. You could very well be the extraordinary in someone else’s ordinary life.

I am liking my new leader. She is funny, she cares, she inspires.

Never give up on the person you are meant to be. This is my belief ANCHOR.