Not Where I Want to BE

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be” how true the quote, how cutting the remark. And yet, couldn’t it just be the most motivating, awe inspiring thing you’ve heard in a long time?
I need this. Hell, I need something. Lord knows I haven’t felt inspired in months. WWs as a whole has been lackluster of late. I am not interested in a plan that constantly changes. I am interested in a plan that consistently changes me for the better. I swear I no sooner “learn” the new WW program and poof new version 2.0 is now in effect. Really? C’mon.
Dear fellow WW members,
You want to know the inside story to great success? You.  That’s it, just you. Amazed? Well you should be.  Eat like your life depended on it, because in reality it does. I can not believe I have let myself keep me hostage all these years. I am tired of being my own worst enemy. I am done hurting myself for my shortcomings. I have wasted so much of my precious life waiting to become the best me. Maybe I am already the best me. The BEST friend, the BEST wife, the BEST person and I just refuse to see that I am okay. My goal? to learn to accept who I truly am versus who I think I should be and just be happy in the moment.