I buy my produce in threes or multiples of three. I am two out of three in a series of siblings. My first name begins with Tri. I have always liked the evenness of this odd number. Prime numbers fascinate me. I was born on the third day of a month. I guess three is my thing. There are many great things about three. It can be a tie breaker. It has the ability to make a heart emoji. Did you know that there are actually three sides to a conflict? There is my truth, your truth and the ACTUAL truth. Perspective is a funny thing.

I am sitting in my office waiting for our Nor’easter to hit. I hate big storms that trap me indoors but there will be plenty of coffee, books, and insipid TV programming to keep me entertained so I should be okay, well, at least that is my plan. In a little while I will venture out to our local convenience store to play this weekends lotto numbers early, stop into the pharmacy to pick up RXs and then to our favorite Chinese take-out place to pick up late lunch vs our usual Friday late night supper. I am happy, maybe even content with what is about to transpire over the next few short days. So far our winter weather has been pretty uneventful outside of the frigid temperatures we seem to keep getting pulled into.

The months in 3s

January is a month of Mondays. February is when I miss her most. March is for Spring.

April is for showers so May can bloom and June brings Summer time… soon

July is my favorite month. August is for long walks at the beach after the tourists have all gone home. September is my hubby’s BDay and our Big E adventure.

October is for all things FALL/and HALLOWEEN! November to be thankful, December is the end until January when it all begins again.

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