The Hands Of Time

Time speeds by. It’s true nature is to keeping on ticking. You can’t get back lost time. You can’t jump into the future or to the past. Even though you can finds ways to save time; it won’t be in a bottle so you can use it at the end of eternity. Time is the great evader, just when you think you have enough you are all out of it. You can free up time but we usually waste what little of it we have. Life speeds by. Once I was a little girl, feels like yesterday. I can recall a time when I was just starting to feel like a grownup. Now I am on the precipice to middle age? How did that happen? Youth made me wish away my life so I would be old enough to drive, to go to college, to be an adult. What???? I thought, if only I were an adult, I would be Okay. I could do whatever I want, whenever I want, anytime I want. I kind of miss the foolishness and immaturity of youth {{{sigh}}}.

Wishing, wanting, needing more time doesn’t get you more. If it did I would fill out the required paperwork right now. I need more time. I want to go back to a happier time when the people I loved were young and happy and here.

Yesterday I snapped this photo of my hand on my Dad’s hand. It struck a chord in me. How much my hands look like my Mom’s. How strong and virile and young my Dad once was. How much I miss my kid sister and my Mom. When did my Dad become old? How did I not notice?

They say that time is a healer but I think that is a lie. Time is a thief. It slowly robs you of the people you hold most dear to you. Live in your moments. Love the people in your life while you have them.  Make time to be with people you love. They want nothing from you but your time. Spend your time with them wisely. Reap its rewards. Go live life! Make memories.

Bed Time

One day it just happens. You wake up and realize that Mr. and Mrs. are in dire need of a new mattress/box spring. Hell, why not spring for a real bed instead of just using an old frame? Claim grownup status once and for all and for GAWD sake buy a flippin’ bed.
The realization is simple the choice not so. Mr. and Mrs. are not small people. We both snore, me more than him. I know hard to believe but sadly so true : ( We have different support needs. Hubster leans more to a firm/extra firm. I want softness to the touch yet firmness for my saggy old lady bones. Extra firm is “to lay on a board feel” for me.
We haven’t even broached the money aspect of it all yet. I can’t wait until we start discussing price versus needs and wants.

I have always wanted one of these. I don’t need it but I would love one. A hobbit house = )

Pretty soon it will be tax season and if Uncle Sam is good to us this year and our bedstead does not break betwixt here and then we will have a new bed. Maybe.

Good night

Pepper in our bed
Pepper in our bed