Bed Time

One day it just happens. You wake up and realize that Mr. and Mrs. are in dire need of a new mattress/box spring. Hell, why not spring for a real bed instead of just using an old frame? Claim grownup status once and for all and for GAWD sake buy a flippin’ bed.
The realization is simple the choice not so. Mr. and Mrs. are not small people. We both snore, me more than him. I know hard to believe but sadly so true : ( We have different support needs. Hubster leans more to a firm/extra firm. I want softness to the touch yet firmness for my saggy old lady bones. Extra firm is “to lay on a board feel” for me.
We haven’t even broached the money aspect of it all yet. I can’t wait until we start discussing price versus needs and wants.

I have always wanted one of these. I don’t need it but I would love one. A hobbit house = )

Pretty soon it will be tax season and if Uncle Sam is good to us this year and our bedstead does not break betwixt here and then we will have a new bed. Maybe.

Good night

Pepper in our bed
Pepper in our bed

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