The Sea of Uncertainty

paper boats
I made boats out of paper when I was a child. I liked to float them in the gutter after a rainstorm. I’d skip along the sidewalk and watch the little boats tumble over the debris in the water. I used to like to pretend that I was on one of those boats in the midst of an adventure looking for unicorns and dragons searching for uncharted land to call my own.unicorn dragon 

Children are birthed into this world knowing all the secrets. They carry all the wonderful things about humanity on their tiny shoulders. Not knowing of what the world holds for them infants sleep, they coo, they cry, wanting for their basic needs to be taken care of. It is in the growing up into a person that they learn disappointment, deceit, love, kindness, confidence, anger.

What a wonderful thing it would be if humanity could start raising their children to be more humane. Patience, love, acceptance, and understanding in healthy doses instead of anger, disappointment, cruelty. How amazing we would all be.

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