I Thought you Were My Friend

wpid-20140118_163934.jpg You sit there with that smug look of achievement. Oh how happy you are. Well I, I AM NOT HAPPY. Do you remember as a child how happy you were to see snow? I do. It meant no school and hot cocoa. It meant sledding and earning money shoveling walks. It was great to be young in the snow. I would be out in the snow all day and into the night.

Not any more. Now I am young-old. I have to work to keep the heat on and pay for things that keep my life filled with the things I have grown accustomed to; for instance, bread and milk and electricity. Snow is NOT my friend. Once Snow broke my leg. Now she goes out of her way to hurt me and make me miserable with pain, anger, disappoint and missed work. We used to have such fun adventures together. I recall the winter the neighborhood kids, my sisters and I built igloos and snow forts. Or the year we iced a toboggan run with water from a spray bottle so we could sled faster. Where have the good times gone?

Spring is the friend I eagerly am waiting for. I wish she would get her ass in gear. There are things to do.

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