The Crack You Hear

Somewhere between yesterday and today I got OLDER. I am not a big fan of my birthday. Petty I know but it has always been one of MY things. Something I refuse to believe in. I refuse to believe that it can be wonderful and amazing. In my mind I have allowed this birthday notion to GROW into a WILD HAIRY BEAST who’s only goal is to make me rue the day of my creation.

This year Birthday caught me off guard and surprised me. This year Birthday WAS wonderful and amazing and we had the best time ever = ) I put no pressure on myself this vacation. I try too hard sometimes to have a good time. When you force yourself to smile, that smile has little to no value to yourself or the person you just tried to make happy with an empty gesture. I allowed myself to be free from my own expectations. Guess what? By taking that attitude to heart I let the sun shine in.

I spent quality time with my hubby and our friends. My Dad remembered that I was born around the fourth of July. The first time in years he has even come close to wishing me a happy birthday. I cried, Yes. They were tears of happiness and amazement. I had an adventure with my bestie and my husband at the same time. Never thought I get that one off the bucket list ; )

Getting older I am learning to be kinder to myself. Me. myself and I have been going steady for a long time. It is high time we learned to be accepting of each other. Be happy with the who we have become. Sounds strange doesn’t it? Most people fight with themselves about some aspect of their wants or needs. It is hard to strike a balance. Know balance, know happiness. What a great idea.

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