Jan Brady and I

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia…we all know how that episode of the Brady Bunch goes. Jan felt overshadowed by the wonderfulness that was her older sister. All Jan wanted was to be noticed. To be her own person in her own right.

Middle Child Syndrome.The one that everyone sees but nobody notices.

I think that’s why I fell in love with singing.I know not where you thought I was going with this, right?. I love to sing. I guess you could say that I am in love with the sound of my own voice; I sing that much. There is nothing in this universe that makes me feel more vibrant and alive than when I can belt out a tune.

I find myself by getting lost in the emotion of the words and the sound of the arrangement. I am freed from all the stresses that dot my everyday life. When I sing I am autonomous, no one and nothing can hurt me. My soul is free and I feel like I could be anything. I don’t worry that people will look at me and not see.

I sing at church, in the rain, at work, at Target while I grocery shop. I bet you are wondering if I am any good? People tell me that I am but in my heart I really don’t care if I’m not. I sing for me because it makes me HAPPY. So how can I lose?

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