SNOW Wednesday

Welcome to New England; Wednesday, February 5, 2014. It is snowing to beat the band. I hate snow. Yes, I said it. Snow for adults is different. It means hard work moving something around that eventually will melt. No prizes there. What do I like about the snow? I like the boots. I have to say I get a little happy because I love breaking out my boots. High on the calf, insulated against cold and waterproof. They can withstand anything. I am omnipotent in my boots. Ok, so maybe there is still a kid in my soul.

I hate what snow takes away from me. I like to be free. Snow means a pinch in my freedom. Snow means staying in until the storm blows by. Snow means being careful as I walk around so I don’t fall and break my leg again. Snow means wearing a big bulky ugly winter coat. Snow means it is not yet Spring. Snow means I am fidgety. I have trouble sitting still. I am not good at relaxing. I am not good at waiting.

In my youth I loved snow, Fear was an unknown as it is to most kids. After all we will live forever, right? My kid sister and I would build snow forts with the boys from our neighborhood. We would sled until our mittens were frozen to our hands and we couldn’t feel our faces anymore. The beauty of youth is how free we really allow ourselves to be. You know you are a grown up when you worry more about the consequence of your actions and less about what a grand time you will have.

Oh to be a kid again and enjoy the snow.

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