The Best Gift That I Ever Got…

ImageYou were the best gift I ever got = )

Ten years ago today you were alive. I like to believe that you were happy but I have my doubts. It has been ten years since we last laughed, hugged, or shared a moment. YOU meant everything wonderful to me. You were my kid sister. Certain days are harder to live through, like today. Birthdays are supposed to be about celebration. You had the best laugh and the biggest heart. You hugged with your whole being. You hugged with a love I miss.

I saw it as my job to always have your back. You were MY kid sister, right? I hated to see you cry over an injustice or when someone broke your heart. You were the best gift I ever got. Even as kids I thought Mom and Dad had made you just for me. Sisters can be the greatest of blessings. Someone who knows all about you but loves you anyway. Only you could push my limits. You took NONE of my crap. You never gave into my selfish ways. You made me tow my line. I was the older sister but you taught me so much about life. I have so much to thank you for. You helped to shape the person I am. I can’t look at a sunny day and not think of you. You were my best friend.

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