Spring is Dangerous

There’s something in the air. I can feel it. Spring is getting ready to bust out all over the place. I witnessed grass today. Soggy, brown, and gross looking it was still grass. I have never been so happy to see weeds. I was up early and out into the sun of today to run errands before Mother Nature came to her senses and sent more dismal Winter misery. The Spring is dangerous for me. Spring makes me giddy. I suffer from extraordinary wonder that grabs at the threads of my being. I want to dance, sing, be spontaneous, go on an adventure; which at my age can be foolish, dangerous, and if done correctly downright fun. I can hardly wait for the warmth of a true Spring day. I want to be able to shed my heavy winter wear for lighter more comfortable digs. I want to grab my camera, gas up the Jeep, hit the road, find a great walking path and cut loose with nature.

Spring is dangerous. It makes me forget I have responsibilities. Spring. I can’t say it or think it without wanting to draw in a deep breath, hold it for just a sec and dream a little dream. Spring to me is living in the moment. A concept difficult for me to achieve in everyday life. Living in the moment, enjoying what is in front of me, not worrying about what the next important step needs to be.

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