My Get Up and Go…

…has got up and went. I lived through the “winter that wouldn’t end” most of us in New England feel that way, I think. We are supposed to have four seasons on this coast. Spring is now relegated to a three week period of mostly cloudy, rainy, snotty days. And then just like biting into a ripe lemon SURPRISE! BOOM! summer explosion. I went from wearing a parka to shorts in a span of one week. And people say God doesn’t have a sense of humor. My allergies are kickin’ my ass three ways to Sunday. If it isn’t itching, it’s weeping or burning, my eyes silly, my eyes. I have a tickle that a cough can’t cure, and I must have blown my way through two BIG boxes of tissues. ENOUGH ALREADY! Kill me or move on. I am tired of feeling like a half step off. I take a little pill {allergy type not recreational type =) }to give me a little break. It gives me that feeling like my head is at the end of a string threatening to float away.

A feeling I hate…like I am not tied to anything I can hold onto. Those little pills give me some relief from my allergy symptoms but why is it that sometimes the cure is as bad as the disease?

The real question is; how do I get my groove back? Naps make me feel like I am an old Old OLD lady. Reading or relaxing for any amount of time right after work, especially if I am sitting on the sofa makes me nap, which makes me feel like an old lady,which I hate. Vicious circle, Yes? So I am stuck in this holding pattern waiting for? something, anything like maybe a nap?

One thought on “My Get Up and Go…

  1. So take a nap why don’t cha! Also take so OPC3! Works wonders for allergies! What is it? Call me!

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