That First Hoodie Day

I love when the summer heat starts to fade like the setting sun of Autumn. The first time you awaken to a slight chill in the air. The first inhale of crisp cool air. Great for the lungs, even better for the soul. Today was HOODIE DAY. A day I look forward to all summer. I got up a little later than I usually do. I knew it was going to be on the cool side so I decided not to shave the sticks. Yeah! for picky legs season. Yeah! for sweatshirts and hot cocoa. Yeah! for warm snuggly blankeys. Yeah! for my collection of hoodies that sat all summer patiently waiting for me to need them again. Autumn makes me so happy. Goth chick that I am, Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. I am now in fashion even if it is for the briefest of moments. I am squeeing with glee.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming(insert elevator music here)

The day after Hoodie Day I am ready for Spring = ) I find that as I get older I dislike Winter a little more every year. Once upon a time I liked to believe I was hip now I find myself worrying I will slip on the ice and break a hip. When did I “get old”?

Happy Hoodie Day !! Save some cocoa for me and don’t forget the mini marshmallows ; )

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