Not Just Another Day…

…At The Beach

Every child’s beach playset comes with the same equipment. A sand pail, a sieve, a spade, a rake, a watering can.  Maybe there will be a few cutsie shapes to make molds with. pails My favorite thing in the world when I was a kid, playing in the sand on a beach. Sun on my back, the waves slapping the shoreline. I liked shifting the sand better than anything. I used to like to pretend I was sieving for gold. I miss the days when everything felt new and magical. It is true that youth is wasted on the young. I am just now beginning to understand how blessed I have been. I miss the innocence and  wonder of youth, that nervous excitement about the unknown:  the first crush of love, the first time a boy asks you out, the first kiss that follows…

I am just trying to figure out when my firsts? turned into my bucket list! Did it happen when my scales tipped more in favor of what has been left undone or have I come to learn that life is in the business of living instead of making plans to participate? Or is it truly an age thing? and is it more acceptable to say something is on your bucket list instead of owning up to a FIRST. There’s a first time for everything yet a bucket list item can be revisited as many times as warranted.

I find myself somewhere I have never been before yet it is not a first nor does it belong on a bucket list. I am comfortable. I have found my groove just like Stella. I have had glimpses of its beauty before but I felt unworthy to stay. I am enjoying being me. No flashing lights, no big signs, no sales pressure!  Just me, the way I am! Come summer I will be hitting a beach, bringing my gear and sieving some sand. Who knows what kind of treasure I might find in the day!

Be IN Your Moments!

2 thoughts on “Not Just Another Day…

  1. Hey cuz, . . . Another writer in the Hutchings family. I came across my college Foundations in writing class papers. It was a pre-req, the teacher was curious as to why I was there. But, as with writing, I always enjoyed it, and even more so, enjoyed myself. You rock, keep up the good work, . . The Struggle Is Real. .

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