Great Expectations

No, I am not talking about the Charles Dickens novel. The higher the goal you set for yourself the bigger the ladder you may need to reach it. I am sitting here in my little corner of the world slightly peeved. What is with the harsh amount of rain that I can hear and feel pounding my roof? I hate the RAIN. It makes me too introspective and gloomy. The only time I think I enjoy rain is on a hot summer night when the air needs to be refreshed. I am in a fowl mood. Yes, I said fowl. I really wanted to eat my favorite Friday night supper; grilled chicken breast with the grilled veggies and a pita. It is raining outside like Noah has been resurrected, sent on a mission to repopulate the world once the Almighty is done flooding evil doers into the afterlife. I won’t go out to my local pizza shop to get soaked just to eat chicken  =  (  So now I am grumpier than a two year old who refuses to nap.

Rant over!


I have realistic expectations of reaching my goal this time. I am trying not to let my good intentions get too far out in front of me. I am still making really good choices when it comes to my meal planning. I am allowing myself to be in my moments and enjoy the trip. I am rediscovering the person I have always been. I surprise myself everyday. I noticed for the first time today I can see my hands and face have slimmed down. Sometimes though I feel impatient, like tonight because it is raining. I want to rush through to the end of the story before all of the characters have been developed. WHY? I will get there when I get there. I am feeling more confident with myself. I feel younger than I have in a long time. Being really overweight made me feel worn down and tired all of the time. Now I feel like I could walk all day and dance all night. Go ME!

Never Give Up On The Person You Are Meant To Be !


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