Leap of Faith

You know that feeling you get after a  rain storm? The inhale of optimism, like anything is possible. The air smells fresh and all the grime has been washed away from the sidewalks. I have been like a raincloud overburdened with debris waiting for the right moment to unleash all and start anew.

I shut off the alarm early. I wanted to go back to sleep but that little voice inside my head was shouting, ” leap of faith, leap of faith, leap of faith.” I have been rolling around ideas in my little grey space for a while. I have lost belief in myself and the power of changing the things that need tending to. I let it happen. That shit stops now. I am my voice.

Choices made, I leave my house and drive to my new meeting. I feel a rush of confidence wash over me as I pep talk myself, push open the door and walk in. I know one of the weigh-in ladies. I CAN do this. I was only going to weigh in but that little voice was shouting” leap of faith, leap of faith” so I stayed. Mother Nature in concert with my decision opened her skies and the rains came down and I felt a wave of optimism I thought I had lost. Funny thing happened on the way to being disappointed I was inspired instead. Timing is everything. Right time, right place.


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